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One of the biggest problems busy working families in the West Midlands face today is keeping our homes safe.

As you’ve probably seen we’re all working more and more. Working to provide the best we can for the people that matter most to us. And yet as we’re out this leaves our home, and everything precious it contains, our possessions and our memories, vulnerable and exposed.

Maybe you’ve read the stats -

Our homes are now 5 times more likely to be burgled if we don’t have a security system.​

Now I don't know about you, but I suspect like most people you know a friend or family member who’s experienced their home being broken into. It’s one of life’s most painful experience.

A home invasion is utterly devastating.

Not only do people lose their material possessions they’ve worked so hard to provide - cars, computers, children's toys and so on. But even worse is when they have their memories stolen, those irreplaceable items of jewellery that no amount of money money can buy. Or maybe a precious photography or trinket gets smashed as intruders ransack your home.

And after getting home to find your your family’s possessions and memories gone you now have to spend endless time sorting it all out.

Hours spent on the phone to talk to insurance companies, to talk to banks to change all their passwords, to talk to internet companies and change all their passwords….this list goes on and on.

But the worst of it all is that feeling that your home is just not safe anymore. That feeling that someone has been in your home without your knowledge.

That feeling of never truly being at peace in the one place you should - your home.

And it's not your fault...

As you have probably read in the press, the cold, harsh realities of the government cut backs over the last decade are truly setting in, and local authority & police budgets are at breaking point…

Our beloved police force are stretched to the maximum so police resources are thinner than ever, meaning response times are longer now more than ever! ​

Our overworked police are busy tallying up break-in after break-in for homes with no security system and all they have the resources to do it tick boxes to help insurance claims. No time or money for real ‘police work’.

And with Brexit looming, the possibility of another migrant crisis about to hit the headlines, and even more cuts, it’s only going to get hard and harder for police to do their job.

Which just goes to show…

We must do something to protect our what we care about most - our family and our home

Maybe you’re thinking about fitting a DIY alarm yourself? You’ve seen the high street chains offering these for cheap as chips.

Now for most people these a waste. Precious time wasted doing endless research, precious time wasted trying to fit the thing, and mostly a waste of money.

Because in most cases these

DIY’ systems don’t actually protect our homes. Intruders today have access to the internet just like you and I, and they do their homework.

They know the tell-tales signs of these out of the box alarms, and they know just how to break into them with seconds, meaning your home is just as easy to target as your neighbours who haven’t even got an alarm.

Your Family Deserves More.!

The good news is there is a way to feel truly safe.

There is a way to keep they most important place in the world, your home, monitored 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week…..

Free Home360 Security Audit

We help busy working people in the West Midlands just like you protect your home for life, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter where you are in the world.

We realise that everyone, every home, and every family are different. There is no one size fits all!

That's why

We offer a free Home 360 Security Audit

so that you can get a security system that perfectly fits the needs of you, your family and your home.

Home360 Owner Matt Darby

Introducing Your Free Home Security Audit

What your free Home 360 Security

Audit Includes:

Home 360 Security Assessment

Just like your MOT we do a full check of

your home to make sure we really understand

how safe your home is right now.

Vulnerable Areas Specialist Check Up

We focus on vulnerable areas,

looking at the specialist targeted areas burglars

are known to use to gain access into homes.

Personal Home Security Prescription

We sit down and really understand

the security needs of you, your

family and your home.

Experienced Installers

All of the Home 360 Security Audits are c

ompleted by our head honcho Matt, your security

professional with over 13 years experience.

In Our Homes

Matt’s own home and safe place is protected

by the Home360 package,

that proves how much belief we have in this!

No Obligation

We’re really love what we do and there is

no obligation. If either of us feel like this isn’t

the right fit then no worries.

Sounds awesome right!?!

To get started just click here to book your Home 360 Security Audit now....

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All Our Home 360 Security Systems Have These

HUGH Benefits Too!

Alarm For Life

If you are ever moving house, don’t worry,

you can easily take Home 360 system with

you thanks to its technology.

Protected From Anywhere

Home 360 allows you to monitor your

home 24/7 from any location via

it’s secure smartphone app.

Secure Monitored Platform

The Home 360 system uses the best platform.

Keeping your security

Always On System

Home 360 never lets you down. Even if the wifi

goes down, or the power is out, it stays on

protecting your home, as it’s built in SIM Card

keeps you connected.

Pet Friendly

We’ll design your Home 360 system around you and

your fur-balls, meaning they can roam free,

whilst you have peace of mind.

No Mess Installation

Home 360 uses the latest wireless technology

so your walls and your floors stay in perfect condition,

with no ugly sensors ruining the decor.

Get started right now and click here

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360 Security Audit

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What Our Customers Have to Say:

“After a recent increase in burglaries in the area we knew we needed to add more security to our home"

After a recent increase in burglaries in the area we knew we needed to add more security to our home. Matt was great, he came out and gave us a detailed assessment of what we needed to do. The Home 360 package we have installed is fantastic, we can monitor our alarm 24/7 from our Iphones!"

Andy & Katie

West Midlands

“We travel a lot for work and knowing we've got the Home 360 is fantastic!”

"Me (& Hubby) travel a lot for work and can be away for a couple of days at a time, so knowing we've got the Home 360 system which we've got access to wherever we are is fantastic. Matt & Chris gave us a clear explanation of everything including other vulnerable areas of our home which he also sorted for us. They are coming back soon to sort out CCTV our for us too."

Emma Day

West Midlands

“I love the fact that if I move house or business premises I can take it with me!"

“I love the fact that if I move house or business premises I can take it with me!" “Matt has not only sorted my home with his Home 360 system but also my work unit with the Business 360 Alarm.

From the first discussion, it has been a smooth transaction. The added bonus that I pay a small amount for each month covers me and my business for so much like the yearly health checks and the remote support if I need it. I even had the camera sensors installed at both home and work for peace of mind.

I love the fact that if I move house or business premises I can take the system with me.

Leon Streete


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